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Beauty Tips for Face Whitening

Approved Beauty Tips for Face Whitening

Everyone wants flawless and fair complexion. There are ready-made fairness lotions and creams fair the skin temporarily. But as you stop using; your color turns to at same tone. The wise solution is to adopt natural beauty tips for face whitening that has long lasting impact on skin. Moreover market products consist on chemicals that […]

Beauty Tips in Urdu for Skin Whitening By Dr Essa

How to Make Skin Whitening Mask

Sometimes extreme weather causes to dull the face complexion. For getting back your facial color, we have Dr Essa beauty tips for fair color. Try out skin whitening mask by Dr Essa that is made with natural ingredients, easily available in your kitchen. We are sharing beauty tips in Urdu & English. Skin Whitening Mask […]

Best Face Mask for Acne

Best Face Mask for Acne in Urdu

The main reason for acne is poor food and problem in digestion system. So first, pay attention to your diet and eat balanced food. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are very important for good skin. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water in the day. Use this homemade face mask for acne and oily […]

Home Remedies for White Hair (Expert’s Tips)

Home Remedies for White Hair

Observing a gray hair can be upsetting. Particularly when it appears in the young age. You must know that the stress you get during this time is even worst as it fastens the growth of white traces. Stress is one of major reason of premature gray hair. Thus, avoid the stress. If your hairs are […]

Easy Skin Whitening and Anti Aging Beauty Tip

Easy Skin Whitening and Anti Aging Beauty Tip

No need to worry about your skin when there are natural ingredients. Combination of yogurt and honey helps to make skin whitening, fresh and remove wrinkles. You can apply this mask just before sleep. Don’t apply any other time of the day. Follow Skin Whitening and Anti Aging Tip for a beautiful look. Skin Whitening […]

Quick Acne Treatment at Home

Quick Acne Treatment

As you all know that acne is the most common problem and many people are living in this world which is facing this acne problem. So everyone who are suffering from acne – need a proper treatment. Acne is the worst skin problem and can be harmful for everyone. This is very important topic and […]

Homemade Cucumber Toner for Skin

Cucumber Toner for Acne

Cucumber is known to cool the body and it is packed with skin and face benefits. Cucumber toner has mild astringent that helps in many skin problems. Cucumber and lemon helps you to get youthful skin. The toner removes pimples, acne, dark spots and small bumps from face. It also helps to heal sun burn […]

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