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Category: Skin Care

Beauty Tips for Winter You Should Know

beauty tips for winter 2019

Cold air, soft and hot sunlight and temperature reduction are all winter signs. For some people winter season brings apple of cheeks while other feel terrible due to dry, flaky and itchy skin. Hand and feet are prominent part of our body and they are visible to all. Thus, we need to pay extra attention […]

How to Remove Dark Circles Permanently

homemade dark circles removal cream

This is an authentic beauty tip to remove dark circles, wrinkles and bags around eyes. This best dark circle remedy is called for aloe vera gel that soothes the skin and hydrates it. Nourishing properties of Aloe Vera, rose petal juice and vitamin E oil helps to reduce pigmentation under eyes. It also makes sensitive […]

Best Face Mask for Acne

Best Face Mask for Acne in Urdu

The main reason for acne is poor food and problem in digestion system. So first, pay attention to your diet and eat balanced food. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are very important for good skin. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water in the day. Use this homemade face mask for acne and oily […]

Easy Skin Whitening and Anti Aging Beauty Tip

Easy Skin Whitening and Anti Aging Beauty Tip

No need to worry about your skin when there are natural ingredients. Combination of yogurt and honey helps to make skin whitening, fresh and remove wrinkles. You can apply this mask just before sleep. Don’t apply any other time of the day. Follow Skin Whitening and Anti Aging Tip for a beautiful look. Skin Whitening […]

Quick Acne Treatment at Home

Quick Acne Treatment

As you all know that acne is the most common problem and many people are living in this world which is facing this acne problem. So everyone who are suffering from acne – need a proper treatment. Acne is the worst skin problem and can be harmful for everyone. This is very important topic and […]

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